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  • The annual general meeting of Haute Capital Partners SA (BX Swiss: HAUTE) to be held on 17 June 2024 will propose a capital increase for further business development.
  • The share capital is proposed to increase from CHF 2'415'168 to CHF 2'640'018 by issuing up to 100'000 registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 2.25 each.
  • It is intended that the subscription ratio for existing shareholders will be 10:1, at an issue price of between 90% and 95% of the closing price on 17 June 2024, depending on the time of subscription and payment.
  • According to the plan, the subscription period should begin on 18 June 2024 and last until 20 September 2024, 12:00 noon CET, or until 100’000 registered shares have been subscribed.
  • Haute Capital Partners reported a consolidated net income, including changes in capital reserves due to transactions with own shares, of CHF 1'979'180 for the fiscal year 2023.


Biel/Bienne, 27 May 2024 - Haute Capital Partners SA, the visionary Swiss investment firm listed on the BX Swiss Stock Exchange, has released its financial results for 2023 and announced a proposed capital increase to support its continued growth and business development.


2023 Financial Results

Haute Capital Partners achieved remarkable milestones in 2023, underscoring our strong financial health and strategic growth. Our overall performance exceeded expectations, highlighting our resilience and adaptability. We reported a retained earnings balance of CHF -1'961'725 and an annual result of CHF -1'410'181. However, these were significantly offset by impressive changes in equity reserves due to transactions on shares, amounting to CHF +3'389'361. As a result, our profit for the period, including these changes, was an outstanding CHF +1'979'180. It's important to note that this annual result does not include transactions with Haute Capital Properties SA or variations in share premiums due to transactions in own shares. For more information, please refer to our financial report for the year 2023 on the Haute Capital website ( in the "Documents" section.


Capital Increase with Subscription Offer to Existing Shareholders

The board of directors proposes an ordinary capital increase with a subscription offer to existing shareholders of the company for a maximum amount of CHF 225'000 by issuing up to 100'000 registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 2.25 each. The proposed increase will raise the company's share capital from CHF 2'415'168 to a maximum of CHF 2'640'018. Existing shareholders will have the right to acquire one (1) new registered share for every ten (10) existing registered shares at the issue price. The issue price will range between 90% and 95% of the closing price of the shares on the BX Swiss on 18 June 2024, depending on the timing of subscription and payment, with earlier subscriptions benefiting from the lower price. The subscription period will run from 18 June 2024 to 20 September 2024, 12:00 PM CET, or until the subscription of 100'000 registered shares. An attractive scheme will be presented at the AGM with subscription prices and periods. The newly created registered shares are also intended to be listed on the BX Swiss, and the capital increase will take effect after the successful placement of the newly created shares.


CEO Statement

Thibault Leroy Bürki, CEO of Haute Capital Partners, stated: "We are witnessing exemplary growth at all levels. The company is increasing in value, which is exactly where we need to be. As an investment firm with a wide range of allocations, we are perfectly positioned to reap the benefits of today's efforts in the future. We are more than just a company; we are becoming a group that offers everything an individual investor needs. We continue to position ourselves strongly, and our goals are becoming ever greater."


General Assembly

The annual general assembly of Haute Capital Partners will take place on 17 June 2024 at 3:00 PM at the Kursaal Conference Center, Saal Aare, Kornhausstrasse 3, 3013 Bern. Shareholders are invited to attend this important meeting for further details and to access the complete agenda.

For further details and to access the complete agenda, please visit the Haute Capital Partners website at


About Haute Capital Partners SA

Haute Capital Partners, a Swiss investment firm, is dedicated to democratizing investment opportunities. The company's mission is to provide simplified access to authentic, diversified, and value-driven investment strategies through a single publicly traded share. The company's registered shares are listed on the BX Swiss SA: Ticker: HAUTE | ISIN: CH1115678950 | Valor: 111567895 |


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