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Biel/Bienne, 9 February 2024,

Haute Capital Partners announces Its stake in Splint Invest, a pioneer in alternative investments through MARK Investment Holding SA.

Haute Capital Partners is proud to announce a strategic acquisition of a 1% stake in MARK Investment Holding SA, a move that significantly strengthens its presence in the realm of financial innovation. This investment is driven by Haute Capital Partners' keen interest in MARK's premier app/solution, Splint Invest, which stands at the forefront of democratizing alternative investments. Splint Invest, a trailblazing platform based in Switzerland, breaks down the barriers to investment opportunities that were once exclusive to a privileged few. Through its innovative application, Splint Invest fosters greater financial inclusivity, offering access to a varied portfolio of assets such as whisky, watches, wine, and art. This partnership underscores Haute Capital Partners' commitment to supporting initiatives that expand the accessibility of diverse investment opportunities.

Thibault Leroy Bürki, CEO of Haute Capital Partners, expresses his conviction about this collaboration: "HAUTE's investment in MARK Investment Holding SA is a strategic step towards diversifying our private equity portfolio. We are also excited by the synergies and future collaboration opportunities that this commitment could generate. The ease of use and innovation brought by the Splint application were essential criteria in our decision. This investment reflects our commitment to supporting financial innovations that not only expand the spectrum of investment opportunities but also facilitate access to these markets for a wider audience."

Splint Invest, a product of MARK Investment Holding SA, stands out with its unique proposition, offering the opportunity to invest in a diverse range of tangible and valuable assets. The platform has rapidly attained a robust user base, a testament to the burgeoning interest in alternative investments and their potential.

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