Capital Increase 2024 – Brochure
Attached, you will find a brochure with explanations behind the reasons for the capital increase, the organizational chart of the company, and details on the matters for which the capital increase will be used.
Haute Capital Partners SA announces the approval of a capital increase and the results of its annual shareholder meeting.
Haute Capital Partners is pleased to announce the approval of a capital increase and the results of the annual general meeting held on June 17, 2024. This decision marks a significant step forward in the development of our business, the expansion of our business model, and the sustainability of our ongoing projects.

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Capital Increase 2024 – Subscription Offer
Attached to this document, you will find the official document for the subscription offer for the capital increase 2024 of Haute Capital Partners.
Haute Capital Partners – 2023 Annual Report
Access the company’s 2023 Annual Report to gain deep insights into Haute Capital Partners' latest trends, updates, and financial performance. Additionally, discover our key achievements, future plans, and learn more about our strategic initiatives.


May 2024 Newsletter – Going into Summer
Now is the time to navigate the evolving financial landscape. On our latest newsletter, explore Haute’s robust Q1 performance, analyze the implications of rising office mortgage delinquencies, and understand the escalating global trade war. Delve into key trends in the U.S. housing market and scrutinize Tesla’s latest challenges. Finally, discover the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies post-Bitcoin halving and their compelling alternative to traditional financial systems.