As strategic investors and partners, Haute Capital Partners is thrilled to celebrate a significant milestone in the journey of our portfolio company, aisot. In an extraordinary demonstration of innovation, aisot's debut product, the AI-driven cryptocurrency AMC, has achieved a remarkable 109% increase in value after fees since its launch in October 2023. This achievement is especially noteworthy considering the challenging market conditions of the past year.

Founded on the principles of leveraging cutting-edge quantitative models and artificial intelligence, aisot has not only managed to carve a niche for itself in the highly competitive cryptocurrency market but has also set a precedent for the kind of resilience and potential for growth that we at Haute Capital Partners value in our investments.


Looking ahead, aisot is set to disrupt the asset management sector further with the imminent launch of their equity product. This innovative tool promises to empower asset managers with invaluable insights into the top picks for S&P 500 companies, once again harnessing the power of quantitative models and AI to guide investment decisions.

This next step reflects aisot's commitment to revolutionizing the way we approach investment strategies and underscores the symbiotic relationship between Haute Capital Partners and aisot. As a holder of a 10% stake in aisot, we are not just investors but partners vested in aisot's mission to redefine the boundaries of financial technology.

We eagerly anticipate the continued success of aisot and are confident that their equity product will set new standards in the asset management industry.