March 3, 2021

Haute Capital Partners announces increased capital to open investment opportunities

In the current societal landscape, inflation continues to rise while interest rates continue to fall, making the only thing certain is uncertainty. Investing to build wealth in this modern age requires immense strategy, and Switzerland’s innovative investment firm, Haute Capital Partners, is bridging this gap. Through innovative programming, Haute Capital Partners is proud to announce their increase in capital to welcome participation from qualified clients. By focusing on diversification and investments with sustainable value, Haute Capital Partners is rapidly gaining traction to become Europe’s leading solution for financial growth. Now, the opportunity to share wealth has come to the masses. Haute Capital Partners takes the leg work out of strategic investing, diving into diverse allocations across all asset classes to provide clients with long-term portfolios that generate massive returns.

Knowing that good things come to those who wait, investors and partners of Haute Capital Partners have always held the assurance that their financial success is in the hands of the most capable team, and now that guarantee is available to the outside world. “Haute Capital’s strength lies in the hands and minds of our people. From the executive and leadership team that stands at the helm to our advisors, each member of our team seeks to foster lasting investor relationships that are eclipsed by our unwavering credibility, transparency, and diligence.” - As the world around us changes, we need modern solutions to match, and Haute Capital Partners is leading the charge in using deep domain expertise and proprietary methods to create lucrative long-term investments for clients across the globe. To learn more about Haute Capital Partners, please visit:

About Haute Capital Partners Haute Capital Partners is a global investment firm that helps individual investors and institutions scale their financial growth through long-term investment solutions. Founded in 2017, and based in Switzerland, with networks established across the world, Haute Capital Partners drive change and positive growth trajectories by allocating investments intelligently. Processes are aligned with investor success, allowing Haute Capital to facilitate sustainable long-term returns across their core segments that include private equity, real estate, long-term investment portfolios, and blockchain.

Investor enquiries

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CEO | Haute Capital Partners SA | +41 32 321 35 35

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Executive | Haute Capital Partners SA | +41 32 321 35 35