One of Switzerland’s prominent Investment Firms, Haute Capital Partners, is proud to announce the appointment of Mr Dieter J. Bratschi and Dr Marcel L. Aellen to its Board of Directors. Bringing decades of experience in the industry, Mr Dieter J. Bratschi, and Dr Marcel L. Aellen are invaluable additions to the Firm as they will support its international growth and be a great complement to the current Board.

CEO Mr Thibault Leroy Bürki will remain in his position and also take over the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors, working closely with the new directors to further implement brand initiatives and tackle the constant challenges the investment industry

Dedication, innovation, and creativity are at the nucleus of the Haute Capital Partner’s mission, and both Mr Dieter J. Bratschi, and Dr Marcel L. Aellen align seamlessly with the firm’s beliefs, values, practices, and messaging. The news of these strategic appointments follows the announcement of the firm’s new brand positioning. In the news “Switzerland’s Investment Firm Welcomes Capital Participation From Qualified Investors” we should take away the boilerplate.