? Today, Haute Capital Partners celebrates its one-year listing anniversary!

Our journey over the past year has been nothing short of extraordinary. Despite the unfavourable market conditions at the time, we've consistently proven our resilience and adaptability.

For the past year, Haute Capital Partners stands as the most prolific investment across all major asset classes, offering the highest Sharpe ratio among these categories. This means we are offering a superior risk-adjusted return, further strengthening our position in the market.

This was reflected in our market capitalisation valued at CHF 81’418’000 and share performance reaching 82% respectively. Lastly, our business model attracted numerous new investors with the company’s shareholders base growing by more than 195%.

Looking back at the company’s journey, we look forward to the horizons that await us and to many more years of growth and success together! ?

Investor enquiries

Thibault Leroy Bürki
CEO | Haute Capital Partners SA | +41 32 321 35 35

General enquiries

Ursula Wermeille
Executive | Haute Capital Partners SA | +41 32 321 35 35