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Our purpose is to help individual investors and institutions develop their financial growth through long-term investment solutions. Our knowledge in active investing allows us to extend our own expertise to create sustainable value for our shareholders. Through established networks around the world, we drive change and positive growth by allocating investments efficiently.

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“We harness the power of diversified portfolios to help investors and communities to achieve complete financial independence and superior results.” 


Key facts

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Team Members

Thibault Leroy Bürki

CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. Marcel Aellen

Member of Haute Capital Partners Board of Directors

Dieter Bratschi

Member of Haute Capital Partners Board of Directors

Ursula Wermeille

Executive Assistant & Director of Operations

Rodrigo Bento Geraldes

Chief Investor Relations Officer (CIRO)

Damien Tschan

Investor Relations & Shareholder Engagement Manager

Yann Studer

Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Guillaume Naud

Chief Software Engineer & Investment Officer

Dylan Figueiredo

Business & Investment Analyst