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Swiss security number 49106400
ISIN CH1115678950
Symbol HAUTE
Last traded 08.12.2023 09:58:36
Last traded price CHF 95.35

Invest. Grow.


The Firm

Haute Capital Partners is an independent Swiss investment firm listed on the BX Swiss Stock Exchange. As a native private equity firm, the company expanded its business model to propose an all-in-one investment strategy to its investors. We are steadfast in our stride to uncover revolutionary investment opportunities that will benefit our investors.

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A Diversified Portfolio Made Accessible

Driving though the markets has become a challenging quest for investors: inflation, political issues, shortgages, quantitative tightening are just a few factors influencing the actual macro-economic environment. At Haute Capital Partners, you can have access to an all-in-one investment strategy robust to every environment and managed by industry experts. We believe in harnessing the power of diversified investment portfolios. Through a global and inclusive investment strategy, the company is able to generate a superior return for its shareholders.

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Private Equity

Uncorrelated investment opportunities from both global and local industries

Real Estate

Reliable and stable cash flows through real estate investment solutions

Long Term Portfolios

Find balance between long-term returns and risk management


Excellent yields and investment opportunities through alternative investment classes

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