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Our purpose is to help individual investors and institutions develop their financial growth through long-term investment solutions.


Our knowledge in active investing allows us to extend our own expertise to create sustainable value for our shareholders. Through established networks around the world, we drive change and positive growth by allocating investments efficiently.

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“We harness the power of diversified portfolios to help investors and communities to achieve complete financial independence and superior results.”

Our values

Driving Change and Positive Growth by Allocating Capital Efficiently

Our People – The Team behind Haute Capital’s Success

The company comprises a young and dynamic team of investment professionals filled with passion and infinite growth potential. Because a vast majority of our employees come from varying backgrounds and training institutions, we encompass a wide range of unique strengths and skills. This enables us to foster long-lasting and loyal investor relationships.

Our Expertise – Empowered by Possibilities

Haute Capital has a wealth of investment knowledge, experience, and insight. These qualities allow us to understand and navigate the industry’s nuances. From portfolio management to smart analysis and detailed valuation, each investment is meticulously analysed using different approaches before being integrated into our strategy.

Our Presence – Global Outreach

By developing and deploying a truly global investment solution, we ensure broad facilitation of return and risk dispersion across international markets. We’re focused on markets that offer favourable economic and political conditions.

Our team

Thibault Leroy Bürki

CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors


Dr. Marcel Aellen

Member of Haute Capital Partners Board of Directors


Dieter Bratschi

Member of Haute Capital Partners Board of Directors

Ursula Wermeille

Executive Assistant & Director of Operations


Rodrigo Bento Geraldes

Chief Investor Relations Officer (CIRO)


Damien Tschan

Investor Relations & Shareholder Engagement Manager


Léo Noirjean

Investor Relations & Shareholder Engagement Manager


Yann Studer

Chief Investment Officer (CIO)


Dylan Figueiredo

Business & Investment Analyst


Michel Arni

Member of the Advisory Board


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